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You can't touch this.

Go on. Say something.

and if we only die once, i wanna die with you.

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you’re in love with something bigger than love, you believe in something stronger than trust - wanderlust…

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in my pretty fantasy i’m running at you with a gun in my hand. let the jury see, let the hammer fall - let your pitiful pleas mean nothing at all.

how dare you? i cannot believe what i heard (it’s absurd), ‘he’s prettier than you.’ how dare you? what’s worse is that i saw him first (am i cursed?), i’ll never forgive you.

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David Lynch WeekMulholland Dr., 2001Cinematography: Peter Deming


David Lynch Week
Mulholland Dr., 2001
Cinematography: Peter Deming

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Behind the Scenes with @NinaDobrev How the Magic happens! #mondoshoot #TVD #FloatingMidAir

She’s even pointing her feet.

like a pro.

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Photogenic Alchemy by Matthew Cetta

However, the images were still bland to me.  It came to a point where I wanted to explore the medium of film itself.  I embarked on a journey that has led me here. Where is here?  Here is a place full of what ifs.  What if I electrified my film and then froze it afterward?  What if I introduced absinthe to the emulsion?  What if I was to soak the film in Ambien before I shot it?

  1. Coca Cola
  2. Cough Syrup
  3. Absinthe
  4. Drano
  5. Lemon Juice
  6. Olive Brine
  7. Vinegar
  8. Electrified then Frozen

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it wasn’t worth it.

it wasn’t worth it.

serious gourmet shit.

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"on accident." riiiiight. :|

"on accident." riiiiight. :|

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“Robert Downey actually came up to me, and he said, “I can’t work like this. I never get to go to my trailer, I never get my shit together. I’m on my feet 14 hours a day, I’m shooting all the time.” He actually left Mason jars of urine on set, just like over in the corner and stuff. Just- he would go off and he would pee, and he would bring it back, and that was his, like, his form of protest.”


In the documentary Side By Side (2012), David Fincher describes Robert Downey Jr.’s protest of Fincher’s use of digital film on the set on Zodiac (2007). (via davidfincher)


…well, can you blame him?

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